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watch Hungry Heart Wild Striker english subbed-dubbed free

Hungry Heart Wild Striker's Synopsis

Kyosuke Kano has lived under the shadow of his successful brother Seisuke all his life who is a professional soccer player. Tired of being compared and downgraded at, he abandoned playing soccer until a boy from his new highschool discovered him and asked him to join their team. Kyosuke joins it and befriends two other first year players named Rodrigo and Sakai with the dream of becomming professional soccer players themselves. Kyusuke Kanou, a robust teenager of 16 sports orange hair and aspires to conquer the world of soccer as a forward. But somehow the shadow of his renowned elder brother Seisuke, a midfielder for AC Milan falls upon his career. Threatened by inferiority complex, he decides to give up soccer. Yet, destiny reunites him with football as he accidentally becomes the coach of the women's soccer team of his school . Thus, his journey to fulfill his dream begins portraying his path of struggle. Backed by his helpful teammates and wellwishers like Miki, the girl's soccer team captain and Mori, the manager, he proceeds forward in life.

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Channel ID3221
Alternate Titles
GenresComedy, Shounen, Sports, Slice of Life
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Hungry Heart Wild Striker Episodes Subbed/Dubbed

Episode #Episode TitleAiring DateEnglish SubbedEnglish Dubbed
1Are You Kyousuke?September 11, 2002Watch English Subbed--
2Thank you... Coach!September 18, 2002Watch English Subbed--
3I'm Not Gonna Lose!September 25, 2002Watch English Subbed--
4Me? What? Defender?October 2, 2002Watch English Subbed--
5Running Away?October 9, 2002Watch English Subbed--
6Why do you have to be a Forward?October 16, 2002Watch English Subbed--
7Don't underestimate Soccer!October 23, 2002Watch English Subbed--
8Absolutely nobody will pass me!October 30, 2002Watch English Subbed--
9If you're a man, what're you getting scared for!?November 6, 2002Watch English Subbed--
10I can see it! I can clearly see it!November 13, 2002Watch English Subbed--
11Kyosuke-kun is Akanegaoka's weakpoint?November 20, 2002Watch English Subbed--
12Don't be taken by the posts!November 27, 2002Watch English Subbed--
13Hot-headed Mister!December 4, 2002Watch English Subbed--
14Everyone! Locker room Meeting!December 11, 2002Watch English Subbed--
15What kind of shot was that?!December 18, 2002Watch English Subbed--
16I can't take it anymore!!December 25, 2002Watch English Subbed--
17I'll Force You to Come Out!January 8, 2003Watch English Subbed--
18There's something wrong with Rodrigo!January 15, 2003Watch English Subbed--
19If I say I'll make it, I'll make it!!January 22, 2003Watch English Subbed--
20It's not like you to hesitate!January 29, 2003Watch English Subbed--
21You're a Bad Loser!February 5, 2003Watch English Subbed--
22What the hell are we doing?February 12, 2003Watch English Subbed--
23An Open-Air Bath?February 19, 2003Watch English Subbed--
24You Guys are too Impudent!February 26, 2003Watch English Subbed--
25Me, Seizing the World of Soccer!March 5, 2003Watch English Subbed--
26I have waited for this!March 12, 2003Watch English Subbed--
27Let the penalty shoot-out begin!March 19, 2003Watch English Subbed--
28Do what we always do?March 26, 2003Watch English Subbed--
29Bring It On, Sergeant Chin!April 2, 2003Watch English Subbed--
30I made it, Brother!April 9, 2003Watch English Subbed--
31I Don't Feel Excited at All Today...April 16, 2003Watch English Subbed--
32Kanou Kyosuke... I Wouldn't Forgive You!April 23, 2003Watch English Subbed--
33It can't be... Kanou's the captain!?April 30, 2003Watch English Subbed--
34You're 10 Years Too Early... Bird Nest Head!May 7, 2003Watch English Subbed--
35Why did this have to happen to Kyosuke-kun too!May 14, 2003Watch English Subbed--
36What are you doing, guys!May 21, 2003Watch English Subbed--
37Isn't anyone else coming!?May 28, 2003Watch English Subbed--
38Captain Esaka...!?June 4, 2003Watch English Subbed--
39Eat and run woman! How long are you going to sleep?June 11, 2003Watch English Subbed--
40I was finally able to come back...June 18, 2003Watch English Subbed--
41T-Twelve Goals!?June 25, 2003Watch English Subbed--
42Who's that? Sergeant Chin?July 2, 2003Watch English Subbed--
43Can you give me a little time to think?July 9, 2003Watch English Subbed--
44"Father, I'm okay now."July 16, 2003Watch English Subbed--
45Come, Bring It!!July 23, 2003Watch English Subbed--
46Itemae Soccer?July 30, 2003Watch English Subbed--
47Where are you planning to take me?August 6, 2003Watch English Subbed--
48How can we stay in this horrible place?August 13, 2003Watch English Subbed--
49Murakami, can you stay a while longer?August 20, 2003Watch English Subbed--
50I've been waiting for you, Kyosuke! At the High SchoolAugust 27, 2003Watch English Subbed--
51The spirit of JyoyoSeptember 3, 2003Watch English Subbed--
52Take a walk, Kyosuke.September 10, 2003Watch English Subbed--

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