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MegaMan NT Warrior's Synopsis

In the year of 20XX, a young boy by the name of Netto Hikari receives a very special gift as he enters the 5th grade. His very own customized net navi, Rockman! Despite Rockman's small size and far more responsible personality, the two boys quickly become the best of friends. A net navi is designed to guide his operator from the inside of his or her PErsonal Terminal, or simply PET for short. Children and adults alike enjoy friendly "Net Battles", where they spar their navis against each other to prove their worth. (Source: Official Site)

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Channel ID3204
Alternate Titles
GenresAction, Comedy, Science Fiction
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MegaMan NT Warrior Episodes Subbed/Dubbed

Episode #Episode TitleAiring DateEnglish SubbedEnglish Dubbed
1Plug in! Rockman!March 4, 2002Watch English Subbed--
2Spontaneous Happenings in the Subway!March 11, 2002Watch English Subbed--
3Signal Panic!March 18, 2002Watch English Subbed--
4Count to Three!!March 25, 2002Watch English Subbed--
5Challange of the Fish Stampede!April 1, 2002Watch English Subbed--
6Subzero Temperature!April 8, 2002Watch English Subbed--
7Duel at Midnight!April 15, 2002Watch English Subbed--
8Revenge of FiremanApril 22, 2002Watch English Subbed--
9Yoga Soldier of Terror!April 29, 2002Watch English Subbed--
10The N1 Grand PrixMay 6, 2002Watch English Subbed--
11Invisible Enemy!May 13, 2002Watch English Subbed--
12Crash! The Pink Spark!May 20, 2002Watch English Subbed--
13Burning Hot (Exploding) Net Battle!May 27, 2002Watch English Subbed--
14Street Fight!June 3, 2002Watch English SubbedWatch English Dubbed
15Special Training - Program Advance!June 17, 2002Watch English Subbed--
16Wonderous (Miracle) Net Navis!June 24, 2002Watch English Subbed--
17Commander Beef's IdentityJuly 1, 2002Watch English Subbed--
18Secret Operation! (Evil Maneuvers!) World 3!July 8, 2002Watch English Subbed--
19Horrid! Demon Chip!July 15, 2002Watch English Subbed--
20Yaito-chan, Close Call!July 22, 2002Watch English Subbed--
21Ultimate Tag BR Whirlwind!July 29, 2002Watch English Subbed--
22The Final Battle's EndAugust 5, 2002Watch English Subbed--
23King of Devastation, PharohmanAugust 12, 2002Watch English Subbed--
24Rockman Revival Strategy!August 19, 2002Watch English Subbed--
25Revive! Rockman!August 26, 2002Watch English Subbed--
26Bizarre! Mystery of the Ghost Ship!September 2, 2002Watch English Subbed--
27To Become an Idol!September 9, 2002Watch English Subbed--
28Rockman Stolen!September 16, 2002Watch English Subbed--
29Trap of the Poisonous Snake Lady!September 23, 2002Watch English Subbed--
30Capture Chantra Lake's Long-Necked Dinosaur!September 30, 2002Watch English Subbed--
31The Splendid Curry Battle!October 7, 2002Watch English Subbed--
32Net City!October 14, 2002Watch English Subbed--
33Destroy the Virus Factory!October 21, 2002Watch English Subbed--
34Great Confusion in Electronic Money!October 28, 2002Watch English Subbed--
35Zero Seconds Before the Breaking of the Dam!November 4, 2002Watch English Subbed--
36Turn Densan City to the South Pole Plan!November 11, 2002Watch English Subbed--
37Crimson Flash!November 18, 2002Watch English Subbed--
38Strangely Strong! Cutman Brothers!November 25, 2002Watch English Subbed--
39Pretty Pretty Princess!December 2, 2002Watch English Subbed--
40I'll Battle You!December 9, 2002Watch English Subbed--
41The Good Dog, Rush!December 16, 2002Watch English Subbed--
42Gospel, A Change of Life!December 23, 2002Watch English Subbed--
43I Will Lead in Baseball!December 30, 2002Watch English Subbed--
44Kightman's Betrayal!January 6, 2003Watch English Subbed--
45Get to that Moon!January 13, 2003Watch English Subbed--
46Dr. Wily's Inheritance!January 20, 2003Watch English Subbed--
47Net Mobile Grand Prix!January 27, 2003Watch English Subbed--
48The Cybernetic Monster!February 3, 2003Watch English Subbed--
49Gospel!February 10, 2003Watch English Subbed--
50ForteFebruary 17, 2003Watch English Subbed--
51Break Down!February 24, 2003Watch English Subbed--
52The Secret of the House of AyanokoujiMarch 3, 2003Watch English Subbed--
53Commander Beef VS Netto-kun!March 10, 2003Watch English Subbed--
54Chisao Has Come to Town!March 17, 2003Watch English Subbed--
55Blues' Long DayMarch 24, 2003Watch English Subbed--
56Virus Busters!March 31, 2003Watch English Subbed--

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  107. One Piece: Episode of Merry - Mou Hitori no Nakama no Monogatari Subbed
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